Corneal Transplant

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Corneal Disorders

The Concept

Light from the world around you enters your eye through the clear cornea. Most light focusing occurs between air and its curvature. It consists of several layers of clear living cells and collagen.

Injury or disease can damage the clear cornea, making it opaque. Vision can be reduced or lost as light cannot pass through. The damaged cornea is removed. The clear donor cornea replaces the damaged one. Corneal transplantation is used as a last resort when all other means have failed to restore vision.

The Corneal Transplant Procedure

First, a clear donor cornea is acquired. The corneal transplant surgery begins where a circular trephine incises the damaged cornea. Special micro-scissors complete the incision. The damaged cornea is removed. The clear donor cornea is emplaced. Temporary sutures hold the donor cornea during healing. The sutures are eventually removed, and vision is restored.


Corneal transplantation is a technically refined surgical procedure used in very difficult cases, where the cornea is damaged beyond repair. There are several modern variations on the procedure now available. It has provided complete restoration of vision to many throughout the world, mostly due to the valuable gift of donors.

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