Facile Anti Fatigue Lenses

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Spectacle Lenses

Do your eyes get tired very quickly when they are reading or working on the computer, even when you wear your glasses?

You are not alone! It is estimated that 50% of all computer and digital device users suffer from a condition known as ‘computer fatigue’.

When we constantly work with our near sight, the muscles surrounding the iris get tired from extensive visual adaptation.

Due to the advanced design and processing methodology of Digital Ray Path® and Smart Add® technologies, Facile improves the wearer’s visual experience by relaxing the adjustment between different distances through the inclusion of an extra addition in the near vision region. The patented Smart Add® technology improves comfort whilst viewing electronic devices by optimizing working distances for an agile focus with less effort, reduced eye strain and an improved ergonomic posture.

Facile Anti Fatigue lens benefits:

  • Reduces visual fatigue – caused by prolonged visual exposure to print and digital devices
  • Improves concentration – better ability to read text on mobile devices
  • Dynamic vision – easy and agile switch from near to distance zone
  • Promotes an ergonomically, comfortable and natural position for the wearer
  • Reduces dry eyes, redness and headaches

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