Called the NGoggle, the device has been developed by scientists at Duke University.  It uses light to stimulate targeted areas in a patient’s visual field. 

This enables scientists to gauge the patient’s brain activity and make an objective assessment of any peripheral vision loss. NGoggle incorporates wireless electroencephalography to monitor the brain’s activity.  It can gather enough information in just a few minutes to enable an accurate assessment to be made of how well each eye communicates with the brain across the field of vision.

Because the device is so easily portable, it can be used in the patient’s home. 

Alternatively, a number of assessments could be carried out on the same day at a residential care home or centre.  The virtual reality aspect of the device means a patient can be playing a video game or viewing a virtual museum or gallery while being tested, helping to alleviate any stress they might feel about an examination

The National Eye Institute has agreed to fund a study to fully test the diagnostic accuracy of the device. If you live in Gloucester and are worried about glaucoma, do get in touch and we will make an appointment for you to have an examination

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