He was caught when he brazenly walked past the shop he had burgled them from whilst wearing a pair of the stolen sunglasses – with the shop’s tag still attached!  

The burglar, Ryan Boreham, targeted Wardale Williams Opticians on High Street, Halsted in Essex and carried out two raids in June and July last year. 

In total, he stole some 170 pieces of eyewear. Just six hours after the July raid the owner of the opticians spotted three men walking past his shop, identifying one of them as wearing a pair of sunglasses with the shop’s tag still on them.  The police were notified and later interviewed the men, one of whom was Boreham.

He was arrested and further items from the raid were found at his home.  His fingerprints were found at the crime scene and he eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary. 

He received two sentences of 28 months to run concurrently. One of the investigating police officers was quoted as saying “I hope he uses his sentence to reflect on his actions.”