For some people this can be annoying, what with the constant switching between the two pairs. One sensible way of overcoming this problem is to wear glasses with transition lenses.

Transition lenses are photochromic lenses which, although clear when inside, darken when outside and exposed to UV and sunlight. 

The perfect solution?  For many people yes, but not for all. The biggest criticism I hear about transition lenses is that they are not dark enough in sunlight. 

There are some very good lenses on the market that do a good job of easing the sun’s glare but it has to be said that none match the effectiveness of top quality prescription sunglasses.

Nevertheless, they will offer adequate protection against the sun’s rays.  Most people find them more comfortable and convenient than having to constantly change pairs of glasses

It really is a question of choice.

At Vision Centre Gloucester we have a fine selection of transition lenses so do feel free to call in to 114 Northgate Street or take a look round our website to see what we can offer you.