Not only will we be helping the planet with reducing our waste, but we have also hired the lovely team at Interface, who specialise in removing old carpet tiles, fitting new, recycled ones. Making our business, eco-friendlier and more sustainable which is why we want to encourage other businesses to do the same.


How can you help in the battle against climate change?




Opting to reduce the amount of waste your business as part of your corporate social responsibility can have a fantastic planet. This could be anything from sourcing food provided at your business from packaging-free suppliers or installing eco-flush toilets to reduce the amount of water being used by your business. We all have a part to play!




Though not all businesses have the luxury of being able to reuse goods. Simple things such as repairing uniforms instead of throwing them away if an employee damages one, can make a massive difference. By taking them to a seamstress instead of buying new ones, you’re helping the environment and the economy!


Did you know that we produce 150 billion garments of clothes every year? There are only 7.5 billion people on the planet.




Recycling is one of the easiest things to implement, ensuring there are accessible recycle bins is the simplest way to improve your CSR and take steps to reduce your carbon footprint. If your business ends up with waste material such as used tires, find a company that can recycle them to make other goods.




Investing in renewable energy such as solar or wind power for your workplace can help the environment and help reduce the overuse of fossil fuels. By investing in renewable energy, whether that is on or off-site, will reduce the cost of your electrical bill in the long run.


We are now open and ready to see you once again … 


Many thanks for bearing with us while we had to temporarily suspend some of our usual services.

We hope that you and your family are well following the Coronavirus crisis.


We’ve made some changes …

In order to keep you safe and ensure your visit to us is a comfortable and convenient as possible, we have made some changes to the practice.

Full details are listed below but one thing that will never change, is our determination to deliver you fantastic eyecare in a warm and friendly environment.

Please be assured that the health, safety and well being of you, our wonderful patients and our fantastic staff, are paramount.

Please take a few minutes to read the following changes that we have made for your safely, comfort and convenience.


Before you arrive …

✓ Please book your appointment online or by phone

✓ Bring a mask (we have supplies if you don’t have one)

✓ Bring your own pen

✓ Arrive on time (not too early)

✓ Come alone (or you can come with 1 other person)

✓ The optician may call you to discuss any individual needs

✓ Bring a complete list of medication and your most recent prescription if you have it 


When you arrive ….

✓ The door will be locked – don’t worry we will let you in

✓ Your temperature will be taken

✓ You will need to sanitise your hands

✓ You will need to put on your mask

✓ You may need to put on gloves

✓ We will ensure you have social distancing

✓ We have placed some dividing screens in various areas

✓ Our practice staff will be wearing PPE

✓ All spectacle frames are fully sanitised between use


After Care …

✓ We will book an appointment for you

✓ We can post your spectacles to you

✓ We can arrange a home visit if preferred


Our new extra cleaning regime includes …

✓ Deep cleaning of practice daily

✓ All equipment sanitised between patients

✓ All spectacle frames triple sanitised

✓ Controlled process throughout


Any questions, please just call us and we’d be happy to explain.

01452 410494