Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) also known as digital eye strain is a type of eye strain that is caused by prolonged use of digital screens and is one of the most common eye health issues relating to working on a computer for a long time. If you are back in the office and begin to start experiencing symptoms of CVS, including headaches or blurred vision, follow our tips below and make sure you look after your eyesight.

Take Regular Breaks

Our eyes are not designed to stare at computer screens for too long. It is recommended that every 20 minutes, you should take a short break away from the screen – this is like a reset button for your eyes. Every hour you should get up from your desk and not look at your computer screen for over 5 minutes.

Use the Correct Lighting

The brightness on your computer monitor should be the same level as your surroundings in the office – not too bright and not too dark. Reflections on your computer screen from windows or overhead lighting can also be really bad for your eyesight – you need to adjust the lighting on your screens.

Distance from your Computer

How close do you sit to your computer screens? It is recommended that you should sit an arms-length away from your computer – not only is this good for your eyesight and vision, but this also helps to promote good posture.

Don’t forget to blink!

Studies show that people blink far less when using screens – this is really bad for your eyes. Not blinking enough results in your eyes becoming dry, itchy and bloodshot. Try and make a conscious effort to blink as often as you can and if you do feel like your eyes are becoming dry, try and speak to your optician, who may recommend using an eye lubricant.

Consider Blue Light Glasses

Digital eyestrain is believed to affect about 50% of computer users. Digital eye strain can cause symptoms such as dry eyes and blurred vision. Blue light glasses contain lenses specifically designed to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches the eye. The lenses filter blue light that is produced by computers and help prevent them from entering your eye and causing potential damage. 

Get some Fresh Air

Taking a proper break away from your desk during a busy working day is not just good for you overall, but also good for your eyes. Even if it's just for a small amount of time, try and get outside and get some fresh air and give your eyes a break from the intense staring at a computer screen. If you do get outside, always try and wear sunglasses as our eyes are 10 times more sensitive to UV light than our skin is. 

If you have started to notice any symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) the best thing is to book an appointment to see an optician. The team at Vision Centre are here to help – contact us today to book your appointment.





We are now open and ready to see you once again … 


Many thanks for bearing with us while we had to temporarily suspend some of our usual services.

We hope that you and your family are well following the Coronavirus crisis.


We’ve made some changes …

In order to keep you safe and ensure your visit to us is a comfortable and convenient as possible, we have made some changes to the practice.

Full details are listed below but one thing that will never change, is our determination to deliver you fantastic eyecare in a warm and friendly environment.

Please be assured that the health, safety and well being of you, our wonderful patients and our fantastic staff, are paramount.

Please take a few minutes to read the following changes that we have made for your safely, comfort and convenience.


Before you arrive …

✓ Please book your appointment online or by phone

✓ Bring a mask (we have supplies if you don’t have one)

✓ Bring your own pen

✓ Arrive on time (not too early)

✓ Come alone (or you can come with 1 other person)

✓ The optician may call you to discuss any individual needs

✓ Bring a complete list of medication and your most recent prescription if you have it 


When you arrive ….

✓ The door will be locked – don’t worry we will let you in

✓ Your temperature will be taken

✓ You will need to sanitise your hands

✓ You will need to put on your mask

✓ You may need to put on gloves

✓ We will ensure you have social distancing

✓ We have placed some dividing screens in various areas

✓ Our practice staff will be wearing PPE

✓ All spectacle frames are fully sanitised between use


After Care …

✓ We will book an appointment for you

✓ We can post your spectacles to you

✓ We can arrange a home visit if preferred


Our new extra cleaning regime includes …

✓ Deep cleaning of practice daily

✓ All equipment sanitised between patients

✓ All spectacle frames triple sanitised

✓ Controlled process throughout


Any questions, please just call us and we’d be happy to explain.

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