I use the latest technology and equipment when carrying out eye examinations.  As well as any problems with your sight, our examinations can detect signs of eye disease and other health problems such as diabetes.   

What can I expect?

Our eye examinations take around thirty minutes.  Each patient is treated as an individual and the examination is tailored accordingly, whilst ensuring it is as thorough as possible.

Our aim is to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

The tests and equipment used include

•    Digital retinal camera to photograph the inside of your eyes to detect any abnormalities.
•    Binocular assessment to see how well your eyes work together.
•    Peripheral field analysis.
•    Intraocular pressure measurement.

All our procedures will be fully explained to you and if you have any I or my team will be happy to answer them.  Having assessed the results of the examination we will give you our recommendations.  When doing so we will take into account factors such as your workplace environment, leisure activities and general lifestyle. 

How often should I have an eye examination?

This varies according to the individual but national guidelines recommend:

•    Up to 15 years – every year
•    16 to 69 years – every two years
•    70 years and over – every year
•    Patients with diabetes or glaucoma – every year
•    40 years and over with an immediate relative suffering from glaucoma – every year

Don’t forget that eye examinations are free in many instances. 

Visit us at 114 Northgate Street or call on 01452 410494 to make an appointment for an eye test.  For further information, or take a look round our website at www.visiongloucester.co.uk.