This means that you run the risk of being temporarily blinded if you stare directly at streetlights or oncoming headlights when driving. Your pupils will be contracting to counter the increase in light and then dilating again once the light source has been passed.

Causes of night blindness

As we grow older our sight will often deteriorates naturally. The lens of the eye becomes cloudy, making it difficult to see in dim light.
If a person is near sighted they may find the problem exacerbated at night when the pupils dilate.
Night blindness might be the result of an underlying problem such as retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative retinal disorder.
It could be a sign of early onset of cataracts. Cataract development increases glare and decreases the amount of light reaching the back of the eye.
If you are experiencing any degree of night blindness then it is recommended that you consult a specialist as soon as possible to establish exactly what the problem is.

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