• Don’t forget your sunglasses! The sun’s UV and high-energy visible rays (HGV) can be extremely harmful to your eyes, leading to sunburn, cataracts and in extremes even cancer. Always wear sunglasses outdoors, even when the weather is overcast.

• Quit smoking! We all know the main health risks of smoking, but it can also lead to serious eye problems. Smokers are four times more likely to go blind than non-smokers so give up today.

• Ditch the takeaways! Poor diet can lead to many age-related eye diseases. A diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables together with well-sourced fish can counteract this.

• Don’t neglect your beauty sleep! Not getting enough quality sleep can lead to premature ageing and the eyes can be the first sufferers. Dark circles under the eyes, blurry vision and dry eyes can result.

• Don’t skimp on water! Drinking eight glasses a day is recommended to avoid eyes becoming dry, red or puffy.

• Don’t miss your eye check up! Regular eye exams can spot problems which can be easily treated if detected early enough. Regular examinations for you and your family can help ensure healthy vision.

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