Choosing new glasses is a very subjective and personal decision, which is why The Vision Centre Gloucester stock a comprehensive variety of options. From rimless rectangles to ostentatious ovals, even frames that look similar at first glance may be markedly different on closer inspection. Start by considering your skin tone and facial shape, to rule out inappropriate designs. Dainty features typically suit smaller curvy frames, whereas a more masculine jawline can be highlighted by a pair of chunky rectangular spectacles. Try to choose designs that draw attention to your eyes while highlighting your eyebrows and cheekbones, rather than obscuring them.

Prescription strength plays an important role in frame selection, with modern slimmed­-down lenses making frameless glasses a viable option for increasing numbers of patients. Our experienced Vision Centre staff can offer informed advice about the types of frames most suitable for your individual prescription strength. Although some patients only require vision correction for specific purposes like reading, many people wear spectacles constantly. Comfortable and practical glasses are therefore worth their weight in gold, although a degree of adjustment can be carried out in-store by our trained specialists to make sure particular frames fit comfortably.

Peripheral vision is an area many people tail to consider when buying glasses, so try to ensure you can't see anything around the lenses. Well-chosen specs should be as easy to forget about as contact lenses, but that won't be the case if the lenses only cover part of your field of vision. This is particularly important for children, which is why our trained staff should oversee the selection and fitting of frames for younger patients. Children also outgrow glasses surprisingly quickly adjust as they do with shoes and clothes), so regular check-ups are essential to confirm their existing frames still fit and work well. Similarly, routine eye tests ensure adult spectacles are still providing effective vision correction.

So, when choosing your frames, there's a lot to consider .. just ask us for our advice, we'd be more than happy to help.