It is the night time wearing of special contact lenses that neutralise the eye's power, allowing clear vision on removal.

Ortho k lenses work from the first night of wear. The full effect may not be achieved in one night but wearers can see there is a big difference on first removal. In the first week of wearing Ortho K lenses, two things are changing. 1) the quantity of correction increases i.e. how much you can see and 2) the quality of vision improves i.e. how well you can see throughout the day.

Laser surgery is not suitable for everyone and approx 30% of candidates are unsuitable due to dry eyes. Dry eye problems and the need to take daily eye drops is commonly reported after laser surgery. Laser surgery is not without its complications and, as it is a subtractive process, the effects are not reversible when things go wrong. Ortho K is completely reversible with 99% normality restored within 5 days of stopping lens wear.

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