This radiation makes our eye muscles work harder. Normally this is not a problem but extensive exposure can lead to eye strain and headaches.

The stimulus of Blue Light can also make it difficult for a body to ‘switch off’ so if you are using a device shortly before going to sleep, you may find it difficult to unwind. Lack of sleep or erratic sleep patterns may result.
Fortunately help is at hand. The eye experts at Kodak have developed a lens that cancels the negative effects of Blue Light called BluProtect.

Kodak BluProtect is a technological breakthrough that takes a sophisticated approach to filtering harmful blue light without distorting colour vision.

The aim of the BluProtect lens technology is to improve visual performance and eye protection through these advanced anti-reflection lenses, allowing your eyes to more efficiently manage the light that enters them. This lets you enjoy sharper vision and improved visual comfort for longer periods of time.

As a Kodak Lens Centre, The Vision Centre in Gloucester can provide BluProtect lenses for all new prescription glasses. Call into 114 Northgate Street or ring us on 01452 410494 to make an appointment.