I read the interesting results of a survey reported on the Optician Online website.

It found that more than a quarter of drivers have not had an eye test since passing their driving test.

When you consider the volume of traffic on our busy roads and motorways this is really quite astonishing. 

I know that it is not always possible for people to get to our premises in Gloucester.  I also know that regular eye examinations are vitally important for everyone.  That is why we can arrange for one of our fully trained staff to visit you in your home at your convenience.

There they will carry out a full examination, recommend the right lenses for you and help you choose your frames.  When the glasses are ready we will call again to ensure the fitting is correct.

I am passionate about offering the best customer service we can and so am especially pleased to offer these fantastic guarantees:

• Kodak Two Year Anti-Scratch Guarantee – we offer a two year anti-scratch guarantee on all Kodak Clean & Clear, Kodak Clean & Clear UV and Kodak BluProtect lenses.  If your lenses are scratched within the first two years of you owning them, just return them to us and we will provide you with replacements absolutely free.  We will simply need to see your receipt as proof of purchase.

I expect many of you enjoyed the recent Winter Olympics and the current Paralympics and you may even be looking forward to hitting the ski slopes yourselves.
A word of warning before you do though.  It is often easy to forget the risks associated with UV light and snow.

When UV rays are reflected from snow they can be considerably more powerful than when reflected from other surfaces so extra care needs to be taken.

Personally I have always thought that tinted sunglasses were a bit of an affectation but I recently read an article which has changed my mind.

The tint on sunglasses is known as the base tint and is what you see from the inside of the lens. The most common tints are grey and green as they offer the most neutral view.  However, other colours can provide more contrast, which is key for certain sports.