Contact lenses have come a long way since the early 18th century when glass tubes filled with water were capped with a microscopic lens.

Today, millions of people in the UK benefit from a diverse range of contact lens solutions which incorporate sophisticated feature which are suitable for almost every prescription.

Over half of Britain’s 34 million motorists struggle to see when driving in the dark, and many motorists will avoid actually driving at night altogether.

This news comes from a survey commissioned by the Eyecare Trust, in partnership with insurer Westfield Health, 25% of motorists questioned admitted to having trouble focusing at night, with 43% saying things “looked blurred” when driving after dark.

Laser Eye Correction comes to Gloucester

Laser eye correction is a safe and effective alternative to glasses or contact lenses and is currently the most frequently performed elective procedure in the world.

Safety Eyewear

Eleven Reasons Why You Should Choose Vision Gloucester for Your Safety Eyewear needs:

This summer at The Vision Centre in Gloucester we have a great selection of in-store offers.

We are now open and ready to see you once again … 


Many thanks for bearing with us while we had to temporarily suspend some of our usual services.

We hope that you and your family are well following the Coronavirus crisis.


We’ve made some changes …

In order to keep you safe and ensure your visit to us is a comfortable and convenient as possible, we have made some changes to the practice.

Full details are listed below but one thing that will never change, is our determination to deliver you fantastic eyecare in a warm and friendly environment.

Please be assured that the health, safety and well being of you, our wonderful patients and our fantastic staff, are paramount.

Please take a few minutes to read the following changes that we have made for your safely, comfort and convenience.


Before you arrive …

✓ Please book your appointment online or by phone

✓ Bring a mask (we have supplies if you don’t have one)

✓ Bring your own pen

✓ Arrive on time (not too early)

✓ Come alone (or you can come with 1 other person)

✓ The optician may call you to discuss any individual needs

✓ Bring a complete list of medication and your most recent prescription if you have it 


When you arrive ….

✓ The door will be locked – don’t worry we will let you in

✓ Your temperature will be taken

✓ You will need to sanitise your hands

✓ You will need to put on your mask

✓ You may need to put on gloves

✓ We will ensure you have social distancing

✓ We have placed some dividing screens in various areas

✓ Our practice staff will be wearing PPE

✓ All spectacle frames are fully sanitised between use


After Care …

✓ We will book an appointment for you

✓ We can post your spectacles to you

✓ We can arrange a home visit if preferred


Our new extra cleaning regime includes …

✓ Deep cleaning of practice daily

✓ All equipment sanitised between patients

✓ All spectacle frames triple sanitised

✓ Controlled process throughout


Any questions, please just call us and we’d be happy to explain.

01452 410494