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Home Visits - Can’t get to us? Then we’ll come to you!

Regular eye examinations are vital for everyone, young and old. However, it is not always possible to get to your optician on your own, especially if you are elderly or have transport problems.

You will be pleased to learn that we can arrange for a visit from one of our fully trained staff to meet with you in your own home or care home.

If you are cannot get to an optician unaccompanied and come within one of the following categories then you qualify for a FREE NHS home visit for an eye examination:

• You are 60 or over
• You are under 16, or 19 and in full time education
• You have been registered as blind or partially sighted
• You have been diagnosed as having diabetes or Glaucoma
• You are aged 40 or over and have a direct relative with Glaucoma, or have been advised by an Ophthalmologist that you are at risk of Glaucoma
• You have been prescribed as having a complex prescription

So why not take advantage of this offer to have your next eye examination in the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit yourself. And with no travel costs!

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