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Safety Eyewear

Experts believe that the proper protective eyewear could prevent up to 90% of all eye injuries so it is vital that you, your work colleagues or employees have the right eye protection.

We are pleased to offer a scheme whereby we will visit your workplace and carry out detailed on-site testing, dispensing, fitting and aftercare.

Our fees for this service are highly competitive and can be tailored to your requirements:

• £25 call out fee per visit plus £25 per examination
• £250 for a half day visit totalling four hours
• £500 for a full day visit totalling eight hours

Our safety glasses may have prescription or non-prescription (known as plano) lenses fitted as appropriate. We can also provide polycarbonate lenses, which are less than half the weight of glass making them more comfortable to wear, and more impact resistant.

Spectacles Single Vision Varifocals Polycarbonate
Metal or plastic frame £59 £89 £15
Rx insert plus frame £79 £109 £15
Combo Rx complete £95 £129 £15

There are no additional ‘dispensing’ fees.
Please give us a call today to discuss your requirements and arrange a visit.

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