The time, care and attention taken when using independent opticians rather than a franchise

by | Nov 11, 2021 | News

When considering having an eye test and potentially having to wear glasses, it’s important to know what the difference is when it comes to using an independent optician over a franchised national chain.

Here we give you 6 benefits of using an independent, local optician.

  1. An independent optician will get to know you personally

This is an important benefit when choosing an independent optician because they’ll take to the time to get to know you and your eye history.  You know how frustrating it is to go to the Dr only to find there’s a locum on and they don’t know the slightest thing about you.  Well, that’s the same with franchised chains.  You don’t know whether your optician will still be there when you need a check-up, and if they are, chances are they won’t remember you anyway!

  1. An independent optician will give you a personal service

Following on from point 1, your independent optician will offer you a service far superior to that of a franchised chain.  Chances are they’ll get to know you, your eye history, your family and your concerns.  You’ll always see the same optician and their staff – which is reassuring, particularly if you’ve got an on-going health condition that’s affecting your eyesight.

  1. Independent opticians aren’t tied to specific brands

When you see a franchised optician chain, you’ll be tied into choosing the products that they offer.  Sometimes the choice is quite limited, and possibly not what you want.  Perhaps their range of products don’t suit your face shape?  A good independent optician, on the other hand, isn’t tied to any brand and will be able to source the perfect frame to suit your face and your lifestyle.  They often have more time to advise you on your choice and will ensure that you’re really happy with your new specs!

  1. Independent opticians don’t have huge management structures

National franchised chains, by nature of the beast, have very strict management protocols as to how they service their clients.  They have ever expanding ‘systems’ that every franchisee has to abide by, which are rigid and inflexible.  An independent optician will be able to treat you as an individual, with your own unique needs.

  1. Independent opticians are local businesses

Independent opticians are local businesses.  That means that they’re part of the community that you live in and as such, have an interest in what’s going on in their local area as well as you do.  It might be that they’ve grown up in the local community also, which is important as they have their reputation to maintain.  A franchised chain optician wouldn’t necessarily know the local community and are more likely to move on up the franchise ladder to a more senior position anywhere in the country.  There’s nothing worse than having to deal with unfamiliar health care providers every time you need your eyes testing!

  1. Independent opticians give better after care

One of the greatest benefits when choosing an independent optician is that the after care service is second to none.  They’re genuinely interested to know how you’re getting on with your new glasses – whether they need adjusting slightly or if they’re uncomfortable for you to wear.  You can feel confident in the knowledge that an independent optician won’t just leave you after you’ve paid for your glasses – they’ll take their time out to make sure that you get the best service possible and that you’re happy with it.

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